Runner - The Mill

The Mill

Did you read that? i said THE Mill.

Spending this time at the top was cool, though such a company gives little room for growth in under a month.. i shouldn't complain, i was invited to the Caribbean  so when i returned my place was filled, i was then pushed back of the line once again... (below is the holiday.. so i don't feel as though i've really missed out, not yet anyway. a week or two more of no work will put me back in the grumpy chair)
in the mean time, i enjoyed being in a busy enviroment, and the experiance is sure to be regained

Passion Pictures

A Week at Passion in soho was great start from university straight into working in the industry. got a runner posistion so i was at laeast able to push myself in a animation direction and proove my use in your general runner... but its a shame i was on the lower floors to the animators. also there was a confusion with the runners that week so the normal tasks were already assined to thier full time staff. i was helpful in transcribing. but otherwise it was all but animation...

posted on youtube a video of some inbetweening i was doing too... (you dont really want to read some transcripts do you??)

Twitter i know... i finally did it and you can follow me here