internship @ onedotzero oct/nov

onedotzero is the frontier of the digital arts focused festivals, and with it is the experience of a festival that has routinely on a annual basis succseded in producing a festival that spans the digital arts and its contents to a audience in london and within its festival tour.

directed under the likes of shane walter onedotzero continues to grow as a global entrepreneur as a platform for the digital arts, and i get to be part of it...

done/doing/looking forward to doing at the onedotzero_adventures in motion festival


some of the best films publicise them self’s... we have to do this, some are easy, some are 'the hottest music video directors in the world'. which supprisingly were locatable with a pleasent telephone vioce, and asking enough people... [once you mention ondotzero, many telephone replicants listen closly you know...]

these are captured, logged and filed then sent to freindly people at the mill who are the facilities partner to be compiled and edited into the beautiful programs that are available next week. i would regomend wow + flutter 11 & nigtfall 11 to stimulate your eyes, ears and socks!

social media
updating, posting and managing the social media side of onedotzero's publishing of inforamtion on the festival. shane has definitly acknowlaged the poteinal of social media and pushes everyone to spread the word of onedotzero to create excitment for the lead up to the festvial.

...and then theres your general day to day jobs including the phenominal amount of green tea for shane and toast for my belly


with the festival round the corner, its not a better time to warm your fingers up with the chioce of screening programmes, instilations, dj's/vj's and panel discussions

the website has been consistanly updated, with the fine touching changes to information to programmes, instilations and talks. i have been updating, creating and editing the website using the tedious method of html coding... but its great to be getting a grip on more skills over the media scope.

below are examples of web pages i have been creating

decode, digital sensations

onedotzero_adventures in motion festival 2011

feature film previews

feature films

free installations

onedotzero x peninsula arts

looking forward to doing

this is the reson i joined up once again with onedotzero for thier aniamted packed festival that will surley be a networking orgasim!

so far ive met the likes of mother, mikey please,, United Visual Artists, the mill, beam, camberwell press, aztec, protein, red gallery, av:in plus a few that i didnt quite catch

see you next week!!

festival brouchure download

onedotzero intership 2011

onedotzero + ondotzero adventures in motion festival 2011

im going to be updating what ive been up to the last three weeks, and the forth coming weeks in preperation to the festival.

stay tuned.



Runner - The Mill

The Mill

Did you read that? i said THE Mill.

Spending this time at the top was cool, though such a company gives little room for growth in under a month.. i shouldn't complain, i was invited to the Caribbean  so when i returned my place was filled, i was then pushed back of the line once again... (below is the holiday.. so i don't feel as though i've really missed out, not yet anyway. a week or two more of no work will put me back in the grumpy chair)
in the mean time, i enjoyed being in a busy enviroment, and the experiance is sure to be regained

Passion Pictures

A Week at Passion in soho was great start from university straight into working in the industry. got a runner posistion so i was at laeast able to push myself in a animation direction and proove my use in your general runner... but its a shame i was on the lower floors to the animators. also there was a confusion with the runners that week so the normal tasks were already assined to thier full time staff. i was helpful in transcribing. but otherwise it was all but animation...

posted on youtube a video of some inbetweening i was doing too... (you dont really want to read some transcripts do you??)

Twitter i know... i finally did it and you can follow me here


Work Experience - VCCP


4th -9th July 2011

Work experience at VCCP was my first introduction to the advertising world, and seeing first hand projects in a commercial sense.

Shadowing the TV department in their wisdom and workings over seeing their biggest client, o2 and their 'Priorities' campaign. This involved shooting two different locations over 2 days. Tuesday was in Kingston shooting an application example of their new pp that allows you to see deals that are available to o2customers.

Thursday was on set in Soho screening rooms (blue cinema...) shooting the new ads for o2 Guru Brian & the comical faun in a handy cinema tips bill
board ad that are just being released which have the ability to sense motion and speak directly to the passing audience.

Friday saw me create an office fun pass time by creating various characters which they would then put their faces in the empty circle. To demonstrate ive used some of my mates faces to explain the the passing audience.

Sketch Book

Top to Bottom

1 - Saxophone reflection, Hand Drawn 2006 11.7 x 16.5

2 - SeaHorse & Exotic Fish, Hand Drawn 2006 11.7 x 16.5

3 - Insect & Moth Collage, Hand Drawn/Mixed Media 2007 11.7 x 16.5

4 - Fish, Mixed Media Pencil & Water Colour, 2008 11.7 x 16.5

5 - Fish & Saxophone Collage, Stencil/Hand Drawn 2008 11.7 x 16.5

Clothed Inhibitions

Clothed Inhibitions
Clothed Inhibitions follows a woman who dreams of becoming a streaker, but when another streaker gets in first she is furious before unoticing the implications of what they can achieve together.

Many overlook the fact that this is a love story. Its about finding some one your wavelength that you are compatable with, something that we all search for...

Clothed Inhibitions - Trailer June 2011 by sam leonard on Vimeo.


Crotch Stigma

Crotch Stigma is a short story from a comic strip that i had made using the aukward moment of others listening in on your mobile conversation on the public transport, only in a STD clinic.

Crotch Stigma - June 2010 from sam leonard on Vimeo.

I have been told quite a few things about this film, i think two
particular comments can describe this best;

''magnificent as it is disturbing'' First Image Team

''that could be interpreted in may different ways'' Family Freind
FIrst pitch, the film started here...