VeriFone, product film 2013

VeriFone - Enabling Payment. Any where. Any way. Any time

VeriFone Motion graphic film i worked on the previous year at Ekstasy films


Studio, Ekstasy

Motion Graphics, Burim Metolli + Sam Leonard
Editing, Marta Metolli

Stills of work completed by me,

Motion Graphics

Tracking Shots

Photoshop friday, Headspin media

Headspin-Media are running a weekly photoshop challenge, in its second week with 'Animals'

heres my entry,

and the winner, Spiderphant by Ines Boneca

...Not to forget Nina Radivo's entry!!

blog -

Willy Wonka + the Choclate Factory

For our 2 year anniversary i took my girlfriend to the theatre, something she loves.

I went for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in Covent Garden. Largely because i could hide a golden ticket in her chocolate bar! And then encourage her to eat to chocolate, which she regarded with a lot of suspicion...

Table Design complete

After a much darker stainer coming through, it has created a more fitting result, working with the dark wooden head board and contrasting the cream walls.

Enjoy, as i did!

Table Design

I've always wanted to try a stencil, especially in this case of needing a desk and recycling the vast amounts of chipboard we have in my parents garage!

So here it is!

Original image


Stencil edited and scaled to fit

Printed on table top


Zoo Trip - Paradise Zoo Feb 2013

Paradise zoo

Awesome trip to a awesome zoo. started snowing and some of the animals were far from impressed. Took about 100 images, another great session with the DSLR, am thinking of making a table stencil form some of the images!

more to follow soon...

Here's one of our images used in a stencil onto our home desk - Table Stencil