VeriFone, product film 2013

VeriFone - Enabling Payment. Any where. Any way. Any time

VeriFone Motion graphic film i worked on the previous year at Ekstasy films


Studio, Ekstasy

Motion Graphics, Burim Metolli + Sam Leonard
Editing, Marta Metolli

Stills of work completed by me,

Motion Graphics

Tracking Shots

Photoshop friday, Headspin media

Headspin-Media are running a weekly photoshop challenge, in its second week with 'Animals'

heres my entry,

and the winner, Spiderphant by Ines Boneca

...Not to forget Nina Radivo's entry!!

blog -

Willy Wonka + the Choclate Factory

For our 2 year anniversary i took my girlfriend to the theatre, something she loves.

I went for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in Covent Garden. Largely because i could hide a golden ticket in her chocolate bar! And then encourage her to eat to chocolate, which she regarded with a lot of suspicion...

Table Design complete

After a much darker stainer coming through, it has created a more fitting result, working with the dark wooden head board and contrasting the cream walls.

Enjoy, as i did!

Table Design

I've always wanted to try a stencil, especially in this case of needing a desk and recycling the vast amounts of chipboard we have in my parents garage!

So here it is!

Original image


Stencil edited and scaled to fit

Printed on table top